Sunday, June 24, 2012

Punk Britannia Part 3 - Postpunk!! along with parts 1 and 2

I've already posted parts 1 and 2 of BBC Four's documentary Punk Britannia. This last part focuses history after punk, the postpunk era. After the Sex Pistols broke up, where was music headed. It shows bands' were not just limited to three-chord simplicity. This last part focuses on PiL (featuring former Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten as John Lydon), Magazine (featuring Howard Devoto of The Buzzcocks). Joy Division (who would later become New Order), Gang of Four and The Fall. Other bands which are mentioned are Human League and the emergence of synthpop. The Slits were one of the only female-led group which was mentioned here. I love the mention of the band Crass here, one of the true anarcho-punk bands and one of the best representation of punk rock, who were one of the most intelligent punk bands at the time, who continues to tour to this day. The postpunk years, 1978-1981 also led to the emergence of ska, with bands like The Specials and their single Ghost Town. Great song, infectious single. The third part ends with PiL and Johnny Rotten reunited and with a new album for 2012. Johnny Rotten (Lydon) is always fun to listen to. He may come of as a bit of a pompous jerk but he's always entertaining. I bring you part 3, POSTPUNK!

Punk Britannia Part 3 PostPunk (1978-1981)
and in case you missed the first 2 episodes:

Part 1, Prepunk, (1972-1976)

Part 2, Punk, (1976-1978)

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