Friday, September 28, 2012

Red Hot Chili Peppers release new 7" single, Never Is A Long Time and Love Of Your Life, 6 more to go!

This is the 3nd set of upcoming singles which was scrapped from the I'm With You album released in 2011. The Red Hot Chili Peppers previously have released the song Magpie's On Fire and Victorian Machinery in late August. There are so many good songs that didn't make the I'm With You album and I wonder why. The first song, Never Is A Long Time is more of a ballad, which seems to be a theme in many of the recent singles they have released with some fine work especially with Josh Klinghoffer, which has really impressed me as a guitarist and a fine replacement for John Frusciante. The second song is Love Of Your Life. This one has an intro guitar line reminscent of their previous hit, Snow, but a much slower, more ballad-like song. I really like these new songs and please pick up the vinyls at 

The fourth, fifth, and sixth singles, the titles of which have yet to be announced, will follow on November 6, December 4, and December 18. More will then be released in early 2013.

Here are the songs:

Never Is A Long Time:

Love of Your Life:

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