Thursday, September 20, 2012

New documentary on The Replacements

The Replacements which was led by Paul Westerburg, was one of the most celebrated bands from Minneapolis, which has a great music scene which also included Soul Asylum, Husker Du, Prince, and The Jayhawks. The Replacements had a reputation for live shows which could be either magical or disastrous. This upcoming documentary, titled Color Me Obsessed, directed by Gorman Bechard, comes out on DVD on November 20th. It will feature interviews with Colin Meloy of The Decemberists, Craig Finn of The Hold Steady, Tommy Ramone, Grant Hart and Greg Norton of Husker Du, all three members of Goo Goo Dolls, actors George Wendt, Tom Arnold, Dave Foley and various journalists including Legs McNeil. Telling the band’s story was a project close to the heart for Bechard.  Like many who were weaned on punk music he latched onto this brash young Minneapolis band with fervor.  Dubbed “the last best band” by Spin Magazine, their live shows could be miraculous or downright disasters. Their fans, unwaveringly faithful. As critic’s darlings, their albums were wrought with angry guitars and passionate well-written lyrics that hinted at potential commercial success. Yet, somehow, the band managed to continually shoot themselves in the foot.  Their relative obscurity was a motivating factor in presenting their story on film.  “The Replacements should have been the next Rolling Stones,” says Bechard, who also edited, co-produced, and co-shot the film , “And to the people who loved them, I think they were." Here are some iconic songs from The Replacements.
Can't Hardly Wait:
Bastards of Young:
Alex Chilton:
Left of The Dial:
and an interview about the film:

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