Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Original and cover: In Power We Trust The Love Advocated

A beautiful song originally from Dead Can Dance, whom I have been writing about a lot lately, especially after having seen them live. This song originally appeared on their album, Wake which was a compilation of Dead Can Dance songs, it also appeared on one of their early releases The Garden of Arcane Delights. The song is sung by Brendan Perry and the lyrics are very mystical, emotional, spiritual even. Many people think it has to do with an old love coming back and all these feelings returning, fear returning. Others think it has to do with faith and questioning it, or growing up in a world full of artificiality. I personally think it's about love or a lost love, especially when he mentions the keys to my heart you will never find. A beautiful song. Here is the original version.
There have been a few covers of this song. I am always weary of a band covering Dead Can Dance, honestly,most of them fail because Dead Can Dance is truly a unique band and it's hard for many to capture it's sound or to do any of their songs justice. There was a tribute album that came out a few years ago called The Lotus Eaters. It has mostly ethereal bands and a few metal bands covering Dead Can Dance. One of the highlights on this compilation is this song covered by The Gathering. It brings a whole new element to the song. I do especially like it's use of electric guitars and female vocals. It makes it a whole new song. I was already familiar with The Gathering before I heard their cover of this song, and I was quite impressed with it. Not many bands can cover a song such as this. Listen to it and judge for yourself. It's one of my favorite covers ever!.
All in all a very good cover and one that must be heard. Here are the lyrics to this song.

Sail on silver wings, through this storm
What fortune love may bring,
Back to my arms again the love of a former golden age.
I am disabled by fears concerning which course to take,

For now that wheels are turning I find my faith deserting me.

This night is filled with the cries of dispossessed children in search of paradise.
A sign of unresolved ambition drives the pin wheel on and on.
I am disabled by fears concerning which course to take,

When memory bears witness to the innocents consumed in dying rage.

The way lies through our love.
There can be no other means to the end,
Or the keys to my heart you will never find.

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