Sunday, April 15, 2012

Peter Murphy and Mick Karn presents Dalis Car - InGladAloneness

This EP was released last week. Sadly, this was Mick Karn's last recordings since he passed away in January of last year due to cancer. Peter Murphy initiated the project after a long hiatus. Previously, Dalis Car only recorded one short album, The Waking Hour in 1984, which peaked at #84 on the UK charts. Peter Murphy of course has a sucessful solo career as well as being in the classic goth band, Bauhaus. Mick Karn was the bassist of leading artrock/postpunk band Japan, led by David Sylvian and drummer Steve Jensen. InGladAloneness also features drummer Steve Jensen. I have yet to hear the EP but I hear excellent things, and I am interested in all works by Peter Murphy especially after his last album, Ninth blew me away and was a major comeback after the disappointing Go Away White (by Bauhaus) and his last solo album, Unshattered. I am a proud owner of the previous Dalis Car album, The Waking Hour on vinyl, which is one of the most interesting albums released in 1984. Peter recently did a few concerts around the Los Angeles area last year and I was lucky to catch two of them, at the Mayan Theater along with a free show at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. An incredible talent, funny, soulful, and just an all around excellent frontman. I look forward to hearing this EP, which is only available in digital form through the following link: InGladAloneness EP

Mick Karn will be missed. Japan is the band which predated bands such as Duran Duran, and you can hear it's influence through the songs of Duran Duran and other new wave bands such as Adam and the Ants. Japan never quite achieved the success as their counterparts, Roxy Music, Duran Duran or David Bowie, but had a sound all their own.

Peter Murphy achieved success early on with the goth band Bauhaus, and his later solo career. Bauhaus had some really great singles such as Double Dare, Kick in The Eye, All We Ever Wanted was Everything and of course, their cover of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. Though often compared to David Bowie on account of their similar baritone voice, Peter Murphy was not a clone by any shape or form. He later on recorded and album with Mick Karn under the name Dalis Car and has enjoyed a successful solo career. He also recorded an EP in 1997 entitled Recall with several members of KMFDM. Recently, he is touring to support his most recent album, Ninth, and the new Dalis Car EP, InGladAloneness,. Here is some essential listening from Japan, Bauhaus, Peter Murphy and Dalis Car.

Japan - Ghosts

Japan - Gentlemen Take Polaroids
Bauhaus - Kick In The Eye

Bauhaus - All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust
Peter Murphy - All Night Long
Peter Murphy - A Strange Kind of Love
Peter Murphy - I Spit Roses
Dalis Car - The Judgement is The Mirror
Dalis Car - His Box
Dalis Car - Sound Cloud

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