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To really hear an artist's work, you must look past the hit singles. The entire album is worth hearing to truly get a glimpse of it all in one body of work. Here are some of the albums I am listening to this week.

This week will mostly focus on new and recent albums from a few bands wanting to make a comeback. We will be looking at some recent albums from the past few months starting with Candlebox:

Candlebox - Love Stories and Other Musings (2012)

You might remember Candlebox from their radio hits, Far Behind, You, or Simple Lessons. The Seattle-based band's 4th studio album still show they have the raw energy they have always had. They really show tons of energy on songs like Youth in Revolt, Believe in Me and Turn Your Heart Around. There are only about 9 new songs here. The other 5 are rerecordings of some of their best known hits, including Cover Me and You. Here are some songs to check out.
Believe In It:
Turn Your Heart Around:

Counting Crows - Underwater Sunshine (2012)

Counting Crows were one of the most important rock bands of the 90s. They had songs like Mr. Jones, Round Here and Long December which were all over the radio. They recently go released from their major label and have joined Cooking Vinyl (which is also home to Marilyn Manson, The Cult, The Cranberries, The Prodigy, among others). This album is a departure for Counting Crows because it's entirely made of covers. There are times you feel like you are listening to a barblues band. There is a strong R.E.M. influence here, especially with the use of acoustic guitar and dulcimer on a few songs. I especially like their version of the Face's Ooh La La, and Teenage Fanclub's Start Again. Here are some songs worth hearing:
Ooh La La:
Start Again:

Peter Murphy - The Secret Life of Bees EP (2011)

Coming off his amazing last album, Ninth, Peter Murphy released this EP full of songs that didn't make the album. These songs are more melodic and mellow than the material found on Ninth, which is probably why it wasn't on the album, but I feel it would have worked in the context of the album. Gaslit is one of the best opening tracks I have ever heard, along with a new version of Secret Silk Society. Rose Hunter sounds similar to I Spit Roses on Ninth, but still stands out as an excellent track on it's own. I would recommend to any fan of Peter Murphy or Bauhaus who needs to complete their collection. Here are some highlights:

Rose Hunter:
Seasaw Sway:

Gary Numan - Dead Son Rising (2011)

Gary Numan's 16th studio album! Gary Numan continues in his darkwave/industrial rock genre, where he has constantly evolved. His early work was closer to synthpop, and lately with this (and his recent work with the band Battles), he has acquired a new audience and has been seen as very influencial. He used to be known as a David Bowie-clone but he has moved so far past that, it's hard to imagine that as a reality. A very sparce, emotional album, this was originally intended as a filler album between 2006's Jagged and the upcoming album Splinter. This was originally formed from a collection of demos and recorded with long time collaborator, Ade Fenton, this album leans more toward moody than loud, and that's not a bad thing. I love the piano on the track, Not For the Love We Dream Of and the lyrics to the title tracks are some of his best work since Pure. Check out the following tracks:
 Dead Son Rising:
The Fall:
Not The Love We Dream Of:

††† (Crosses) - EP1 (2011)

Another side project of Chino Moreno (Deftones, Team Sleep). Crosses sees Chino heading more into synthpop territory. It's a very soothing EP, which echoes Depeche Mode at times. I especially like the synths in the song Bermuda Locke, and the guitar in Option. There is a 2nd EP out which I must check out. I see this as similar to the AFI sideproject, Blaqk Audio. I like this release and I plan to see out more from this band in the future. Here are a few songs to check out:
Bermuda Locke:

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