Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of the year entry. Happy 2012!!

Will Kilby here at Amongst the Soundwaves. This blog was basically created for myself, and my love of music. This year has been tremendous and has surprised me in more ways that I could have imagined. I started this blog in March, and it has been cathartic, helpful and calming. I love talking about the bands and music that I love. I have written over 100 entries since March and have acquired over 15,000 views during that time. It is truly a milestone and I could have not have done it without all of you. In the new year expect more top 20 lists, more music news, more videos, concerts, reviews, and anything music related I feel like posting. There are no rules to this. I post what I want, when I feel like it, it's a liberating feeling. When I look back on all the entries, I see how all the music from my youth have never went away. These bands are still touring, there are still people excited to hear new music from these bands, there is still an audience. This year has seen bands like Dead Can Dance, Smashing Pumpkins, The Swans, Men Without Hats, and the like come back with some of the best albums of their career. It has seen veteran singers like Leonard Cohen and Bob Mould release some of the most critically acclaimed albums of their career. While pop music continues it's downward spiral into nothingness, it is refreshing to see artists still out there, doing what they love, inspiring others, and still have great music. I end this year with some songs I'm listening to now. These are just some songs I have been listening to lately and look forward to hearing more from. It's great to get into an artist and see that they have around 13 albums! Music comes in cycles and music from 2012 has been no exception. I may be set in my ways, it's hard for my to get into newer music, perhaps, because I can see through the bs in modern music. There was a genuine punk spirit flowing through the 70s-90s music, even if the band's weren't punk, they still represented that independent spirit. This is what is lacking today. I hear lots of great albums being prepared for next year. Maybe one day we will get that Smiths and Husker Du reunion. Maybe 2013 will be the year. Only time will tell. Thank you all!!

Meat Puppets - Climbing

Lycia - The Decline

Type O Negative - How Could She

Sugar - Helpless

Tear Garden w/OhGr - You and Me and Rainbows

Ladyhawke - Sunday Drive

Smashing Pumpkins - Methusela

Wolfsheim - Kein Zuruck

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